Heavenly Dog Obedience offers;
 Online classes, group (in person) classes and private lessons:

 We understand that your dog is a part of your family.  We teach you how to teach your dog to be the wonderful companion he longs to be.   Dogs are very social creatures and they love to please you.  They just have to learn what pleases you and what does not!

Personalized and Fun Classes
All classes are small, in person, groups. By doing this we are able to offer individual help along with the benefits of being in a group setting.  Great for the whole family to participate.  Children over the age of six years may attend.  Younger children can participate at home during the online training videos that are included with puppy kindergarten and Basic obedience classes. 
During each class, time is dedicated to
Q&A's along with problem solving, giving you a greater understanding of your canine.
Training methods being taught are praise and motivational based.  The more fun you and your dog have during training, the more outstanding the training results.  Quickly, you will find that you have a dog eager to learn and behave! 
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 Your Dogs Little

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Online classes now availble!  Start today!

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Online classes available for puppy kindergarten and beginning basic classes.  Start today! 
I'm excited to start online classes.  It's so important to start their training as soon as possible to make them little angles!   
What is offered in online classes?
Immediately I will e-mail you my class notes.  Also, you'll receive each week videos of the exact information I teach in class.
Week 1; we learn, no bite, off, sit, down and relax.  We also talk about potty training.
Week 2; we learn sit stay, down stay and walking on leash, heel. 
Week 3; we learn wait for doors and gates, come when called and play training.
Week 4; we learn more techniques to walking on a loose leash. we talk about the different training equipment and we put the come when called command with the wait command to learn the recall.
Week 5;  we talk about socializing during social distancing and moving to the next level.
This format will give you flexibility to watch the videos and work with your puppy at your leisure.   
During this time of social distancing restrictions, online classes are a special price of $45.00
If you then decide to attend puppy kindergarten or beginning basic group classes it's only a additional $20.00 for the five week course!
Online students have first choice at group class day and time!
To register for online classes please fill out our registration form and put online for class date. 
Pay by clicking the pay now button.
No refunds